The Convent’s Route “PART I”

The Convent’s Route “PART I”


” Chronicle of a trip by the Franciscan legacy in Yucatan “

Friday night, David and Erika enjoyed their usual coffee break at the famous Paseo de Montejo. She mentioned, again, how badly she wanted to take an adventure trip like they used to when they were in college.

“I heard about an excursion called ‘The Convent’s Route’ we should try it. It’ll probably be a nice change for the weekend”, commented David. “When should we go?”.

Early the next day they filled their backpacks with the essentials such as: water, sunblock, medicine, -let’s not forget- bathing suits and several changes of clothing.


They drove southeast towards Campeche and 26 kilometres before reaching the city the found the little town of Acanceh a.k.a “The deer’s whimper”

Its main attraction is “Plaza de las 3 culturas” (Square of the 3 cultures); named after the architectural fusion found from the prehispanic, colonial and contemporary eras.

In front of the square there’s a pyramid located, literally, between houses where you can enjoy the town’s life activity, as well as the chapel dedicated to Virgen de Guadalupe.


The next stop, TECOH a.k.a. “El lugar del Puma” (The Panther’s place). Asking around they stumbled across the temple dedicated to the Virgen de la Asunción, an interesting fact about this church is that it was built on top of the base of a mayan pyramid.

Upon entering you can enjoy the view of an amazing altar as well as some early paintings.

The local suggested them to detour to the Noh Mozón pit, but they didn’t have the time so the continued with their original route.


Enjoying the mayan vibe they moved on to the majestic city of Mayapán:  “La Bandera de los Mayas” (The flag of the mayans).

After paying a fee less than 4dlls, they entered the beautiful and tranquil zone of Mayapán, which has been compared to Chichen Itzá and Cobá, for its outstanding landscape.

From the top of the Castillo de Kukulkán’s replica you can admire the amazing views that takes you back in time, as you imagine the majesty of this enigmatic civilization.


Continuing down 19 kilometres South of Mayapán you’ll reach TEKIT a.k.a. “Lugar de Desparramiento”. At this point the expectations were really high as the trip had been a complete success, so far.

Here they visited the San Antonio de Padua’s Parish, which looked like a museum.

Strolling through the park they stopped to get some beverages and food. Back in the car they realized they had traveled 64 kilometers from Mérida to that specific point. And the best was yet to come…

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Let the adventure go on!



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