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A visit to the past

Long time ago, there wasn’t any other transportation method but the Railroad. As years went by this changed, drastically. Thanks to the Civil Railroad Association of Yucatán, history diffused to the southern region of México.

In this museum, we can now appreciate the cabooses, boxcars and locomotives used in the early XX century. Among these beauties you can find a 1903 manufactured piece, brought from the United States and an aerodynamic locomotive built by General Motors in 1949.

Some of these wagons were enabled as offices or used for exhibition purposes. The museum provides organized tours, and, if you’re into photography this place will rock your world. In fact, local newlyweds choose this spot for their wedding pictures due to its beautiful graphic material.

Surprise yourself! Come visit us!

Location: 43 street, between 48 and 46 Centro. (La Plancha).

Open to public: Monday to Fridays, 13:00 - 18:00 hours, free entrance.



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