Buggy Rides

A journey through the history of Yucatan

The calenders are buggies or animal-drawn vehicles that initially were used as a working tool and transport. Today it is used in Yucatán, mainly in the municipalities of Mérida, Izamal and Motul as transport for tourism.

Are you visiting Merida, Izamal and Motul?, You can not miss the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful tour of the city aboard a traditional Yucatecan buggy .  The carriage ride through the historic center and most representative areas of the city , is a very interesting to all pockets experience , the type of ride you should not miss any traveler. Mérida In the presence of a chaise , popularly known as “pony car” is part of the urban landscape. This type of transport has its place at 61 between 58 and 60 , next to the cathedral. At night , some are installed around the Plaza Grande, at 60th Street , on the Paseo de Montejo , compared to Hyatt and Holiday Inn . Formal rides for tourists from the year 1960 to the present. The price that is handled is around $ 250 for travel and $ 350 per hour , like everything in Mérida , travel and tour prices are negotiable and can dribble . The itinerary is the same: the Plaza Mayor to the monument to the country or somewhere on the street and return to the starting point . In Izamal and Motul , unlike Mérida , people routinely use rickshaws as a means of urban transport. These are usually located encontrase against churches in these communities , which offer privileged to be walking the streets of these sites view. In ancient Mérida, chaise was seen as the means of transport to reach short or remote from the historic center of the white city destinations . This vehicle has four wheels. It is cedar painted black , with four turned columns , supporting a ceiling lined with a thick canvas fabric . Inside, two seats padded for two people and a small seat in front of two others. You can also perform special tours for foreign tourists hourly , which are perfect for food and important events in the city. The buggies are also employed for anniversaries, weddings and photo shoots, and preferred by European tourism. It is recommended to travel in them on Friday , Saturday and Sunday evening to enjoy the wonderful weather of the white Mérida. A carriage ride is definitely an attraction to enjoy the scenery and beauty of the beautiful state of Yucatan!


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