Chelem: a small port made bigger by its people.

This small fishermen’s town has a warm climate perfect for tourists looking for a peaceful stay with a combo of sun, breeze and sea. You can visit the river and enjoy the mangroves and flamingos on a boat ride offered by the residents there. Its small restaurants and small hotels offer a delicious and comfortable stay, respectively. It’s also possible to rent beachfront houses to make your stay even more relaxing.

Chelem is 9 km west of Progreso and 45 km. north of Merida, Yucatan’s capital. It’s known as a fishing town but also offers a peaceful atmosphere for relaxing in different hotels and villas with your loved ones. It’s best to visit during summer because that’s when tourism is at its height during the year. It’s a popular place for Merida residents, along with Telchac and Chuburna because it’s very close to Progreso and is perfect for spending time with family.


River tours are offered by residents, but because these are not formal tours, prices can vary.

How to get there

Chelem is 9 km from Progreso and 45 km north of Merida.By car: take the beltway to the traffic circle where you’ll see signs to turn left for the bridge to Chelem. By bus: In Merida take a bus from the AutoProgreso terminal on Calle 62 between 65 and 67, Centro. When you arrive in Progreso take a colectivo from the San Francisco de Asis supermarket parking lot on Calle 80 between 79 and 81, Centro.


The colectivos run from 5:30 am to 8 pm

Suggestions and Information

Wear comfortable clothes to walk on the beach or go swimming; it’s very important to use sunscreen. This beach is for relaxing and enjoying the day; it’s not a nude beach. Don’t park your vehicle too close to the beach, as it may get stuck. After 5 pm it’s prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages on the beach. Don’t go swimming right after eating or drinking alcoholic beverages. Driving vehicles or riding horses on the beach is prohibited. Beach flags: green means it’s ok to swim, yellow means take precautions and red means swimming is prohibited. There is a holiday from August 8-19 (dates can vary) and the Fiesta del Pueblo with the Virgen de la Medalla Milagrosa is in November. de la Candelaria is February 2 and the Vaqueria is August 6-15. Don’t forget to respect the area you’re visiting and keep it clean.


Lodging, house/room rental, restaurants, land transportation, handicrafts, shopping, marina.






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