A fishermen’s port where the people offer peace and tranquilityIf you’re looking for relaxation and tranquility, Chuburna is the ideal spot. Its peaceful beaches and sunsets at their maximum splendor will make your stay here pleasurable and memorable. Enjoy the best seafood from its coast and the best treatment from its residents. Don’t expect anything less.

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Chuburna, located on the Yucatan Peninsula’s northern coast, west of Progreso, is a fishermen village that has been transformed into a predominantly touristic place thanks to its beaches. Here you’ll discover Bocana Carbonera and explore Chuburna’s beautiful treasures. Have some fun on a boat ride, tours, camping on the beach or sport fishing with your family. Chuburna offers five packages that include a trip to the Carbonera spring, the Dzul Ha spring, sport fishing, kayaking, camping and meals as well as a mangrove tour. Outboard motor boat service and transportation are offered all year round. Chuburna is one of the oldest places in the Progreso municipality and was officially recognized as part of Yucatan in 1663 by Juan Francisco Esquivel y de la Rosa because of it’s strategic location for coastal defense from pirates that operated from the Laguna de Terminos. Today it’s a relaxing spot for the whole family to enjoy.




Boat tours are offered by residents, but because these are not formal tours, prices can vary.

How to get there

Chuburna is 20 km away from Progreso and 56 km northwest of Merida. By car: From Merida, take the Merida-Progreso No. 261 highway to Progreso. At the intersection with the rowboat and canoe run, take a left and proceed to the traffic circle. There you’ll see a sign to turn left again to go across the bridge to Chelem. After the bridge keep going to the end of the highway and take a left, then go straight and pass through Chelem to get to Chuburna.


The colectivos run from 5:30 am to 8 pm.

Suggestions and Information

This beach is for relaxing and enjoying the day; it’s not a nude beach. It’s important to wear comfortable clothing and use sunscreen if you plan to be on the beach, either taking a stroll, relaxing or swimming. After 5 pm it’s prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages on the beach. Don’t go swimming right after eating or drinking alcoholic beverages. Driving vehicles or riding horses on the beach is prohibited. Don’t throw garbage into the sea. Beach flags: green means it’s ok to swim, yellow means take precautions and red means swimming is prohibited. Fiesta de la Candelaria is February 2 and the Vaqueria is August 6-15. Don’t forget to respect the area you’re visiting and keep it clean.


Lodging, house/room rental, restaurants, land transportation, handicrafts, basic shopping.

Nearby places

As an alternative you can visit the closeby port of Chelem, which offers the same relaxation and fun activities as Chuburna. Progreso is a good option for visiting both the beach and the town and shopping.






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