Apple Bee’s Campeche

Apple Bee’s Campeche

Apple Bee’s CampecheApplebee’s began with the same philosophy we follow today: Focus on serving good food to good people. Today, what once was a popular local restaurant has become a popular restaurant in more than 2,000 locations in 15 countries.

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Apple Bee’s has received several awards such as:Chain of the Year: Restaurant Hospitality is a monthly publication dedicated to the success of independent , local and regional restaurant chains as well as Hotels and Resorts. Food & Beverage, industrial and consumer trends , technology, operations , equipment , food security , among much more . ( Restaurant Hospitality Magazine )Excellence in Retention Award: Recognition of Excellence in Conservation awarded by a prestigious American Council. ( Nation ‘s Restaurant News, People and Performance Award Council)Heart of the Workplace Award: Knowing ourselves as a company at the forefront of best practices among people in their respective areas of work and making a difference in the lives of their employees and communities involved. (People Report)Top Performer Award in Management Retention: In recognition of the importance that Applebee ‘s has to provide a stable career that stimulates the growth of all its employees. (People Report)Catalyst Award: Awarded to Applebee’s creativity to implement new loyalty programs, recognition and competition to significantly reduce the burden of time and management. (People Report)Project Excellence and Team Excellence Awards: In an event held every year in different locations in the United States , focused on the latest technological advances in the field of food service, Applebee ‘s was recognized as the company for Excellence in Work Teams and Projects. ( 7th Annual International Food Service Technology Exposition)One of America ‘s Best Managed Companies: Forbes, one of the main references for business leaders and investors, Applebee’s considered as one of the best managed companies. Forbes is known for its real-time monitoring about business, technology, investment , lifestyle , stock exchanges , complete analysis of companies , among others. (Forbes Magazine)The Best Mexican Companies: It is the recognition that private Mexican midsize businesses grants for high performance in business management , as well as a platform to expose , recognize and encourage best business practices supported by the National Bank of Mexico , Deloitte and Technology MonterreySocially Responsible Company: The Mexican Center for Philanthropy gives the references to companies that , through their processes, and promotes caring for the environment , the quality of life of its employees , and the welfare of the society in which it operates. With this Applebee’s becomes sustainably competitive

Specialty of Restaurant

Restaurant Bar

Price range

Menu a la carte


Applebee’s will offer delicious dishes like riblets, salads and burgers.

Category of Restaurant

5 stars

Place or Location

Campeche Malecon



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