Tranquility for the whole family.

This is another small beach, very beautiful, picturesque streets and in all its full extent of its ports beach, the breeze and its people Calides breathe. It is perfect to enjoy a peaceful and beautiful walk through the beach.

All day and at night you can see the small boats even percadores can sell fish from their arrival at the port, to enjoy it as you like it or eat in small restaurants offering many different seafood dishes.You can rent a house near the beach if you want to have a better experience and relaxation in beautiful and simple port.


The price of the bus ticket is 27 pesos (single).

How to get there

Sisal reach by car:Take the road in the northwest of the city going towards Caucel. You pass Caucel until you reach a junction in the village of Hunucmá where it bends to the right towards Sisal and follow the road for 24 km.bus:Bus Terminal (2.d class) Calle 50 # 531 x65 and 67 Cost: 27 pesos (single), Hours: Daily 12:20, 16:00, 19:05 (may vary).


Bus Departure time: Daily 24:20, 4 pm, 7:05 pm (may vary).

Suggestions and Information

To the beach: It is to relax and enjoy the day , is not a major nudist beach, wear comfortable clothing and sunscreen if you intend to be at the edge of the beach can walk the shore and enjoy a nice and thoughtful moment or take a bathroom.It is not allowed to drink alcohol after 5pm on the beach, not to swim at the beach if you have eaten or drunk too much alcohol , you can not drive any vehicle on the edge of the beach, you are not allowed to enter horse to beach.For the fishing pier Can not ingest alcoholic beverages, you can not cut fish on the walls or benches of this , do not leave garbage or fish waste is not allowed to get vehicles, not littering the sea.Flags on the beach : green means you are allowed to swim , yellow means caution should be used when bathing and red means that bathing is prohibited. Remember it is important to respect and keep clear space you are visiting.






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