5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

The heart of Playa del Carmen

Something unique about this avenue is the colorful and the amenity of its streets and public spaces, we eagle warriors, people with exotic animals, and even human statues , always ready to receive a big tip in exchange for a photo that is sure to be nice souvenir of your visit to this interesting place.

It is a pedestrian street that runs parallel and very close to the beach where a lot of establishments are concentrated, from souvenir shops , art galleries , ice cream parlors , cafes , hotels and restaurants. Paseo del Carmen is the start of this walk , a small square located at 10th Avenue and 1st Street South in this area find good places to keep safe from the heat , as their environment usually you be cool by the fountains and shady trees . A little further on the Paseo del Carmen, is the park founders and the chapel of Our Lady of Carmen, which are usually white tourists fans of photography, it is a chapel curisoso see these caracterizticas at the tourist center . The fifth aveniad has a street dedicated to the shows , bars , restaurants and nightclubs .


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