San Felipe Fort

San Felipe Fort

The history of pirates was born in San Felipe Fort.

The San Felipe Fort was an important military fortress in the 18th century and today houses a museum. It’s not to be missed when visiting Bacalar.

Museum exhibits include well-preserved artifacts like cannon balls, canons, old navigation instruments, rifles, sables, model ships from the 17th century and the skeleton of a pirate found during the fort’s excavation. Without a doubt this fort guarded behind its walls years of history of both Bacalar and Yucatan, like the famous “Caste War.” Don’t miss the beautiful view of the lake, a contrast with the fort, perfect for some photos.


“Entrance fee: Foreigners: 59.80 pesos Adult nationals: 25.12 pesos Kids, students and teachers: 12.56 pesos”

How to get there

“From Merida: By car: Take the Merida-Valladolid No. 180 highway to the junction with the Acanceh highway, then follow the Acanceh-Peto No. 18 highway to the junction with the Jose Maria Morelos highway. From there take the Jose Maria Morelos-Tzucacab No. 184 highway to the Felipe Carrillo Puerto highway, follow that to the town then take the Cancun-Chetumal No. 307 highway to Bacalar.

From Chetumal: By bus: take a bus at the Chetumal bus station, Salvador Novo s/n Constituyentes Col. Caminera. Tel: (983) 8325110 local. Web: By car: From Chetumal take highway 186 and a few km from Huay-Pix follow the #307 road in the direction of Cancun.”


Free entry Sundays for residents of Quintana Roo. Open every day except Mondays from 9 am to 7 pm.

Suggestions and Information

Joseas Moltalvo Yama, museum director, is very knowledgeable about the fort’s history and is also a great artist. He offers a variety of art classes and workshops for kids and teenagers in the fort. There’a also a temporary exhibit room open from 9 am to 7 pm. To find out more about the classes and when they’re offered, call 983 125-1231. Among the activities carried out by the museum include micro-workshops about subjects related to the museum, cultural evenings, temporary exhibits, different courses and informative brochures. Local handicrafts are also available to buy.


Upon entering the museum you’ll find restrooms. You can hire guides who’ll explain the history of the ancient pirates. Local handicrafts are available for purchase as a souvenir of your visit.


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