Jolly Roger Pirate Show Cancún

Jolly Roger Pirate Show Cancún

Ahoy Mates!

Enjoy a spectacular battle between Pirates in the Caribbean Sea, where the clash of pirates swords, sliding down between strings, bombing with cannons and exploding the cannon, to make you feel part of this amazing show, sailing aboard an impressive Galleon, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner accompanied by a buffet with different dishes, and last but not least, little younger pirates will be amaze with our Pirate kids menu especially for them.

Jolly Roger Galleon Modern ship made of steel and covered in wood Weighs approximately 400 Tons. 3 Wooden masts with triangular sails. Four impressive decks with a capacity for a total of 240 passengers. Dining area with capacity for 240 passengers in two separate sessions for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Air conditioning in dining area with 30 cubic tons of capacity. Fully equipped stainless steel kitchen facilities onboard. Special dining facilities for handicapped passengers, 24 person capacity Special area designed for boarding with fresh water showers after ocean activities New VIP area on the third deck, the highest part of the ship with capacity for 70 passengers, Two fully-stocked bars with a capacity for serving 450 passengers. Professional sound, light and special effects equipment for pirate shows. Twenty fire extinguishers with 5 liters of ABC liquid retardant.

Ladie’s restroom facilities with eight stalls and two washbasins, each decorated under pirate theme. Pirate style with luxurious finishes in marble and mahogany, Men’s restroom facilities with four stalls, three urinals and two washbasins decorated in pirate style with luxurious finishes in marble and mahogany caoba.350 lifevests (more than one for every passenger) in different sizes Stage for performances decorated in pirate themes, allowing for special effects, illumi-nation, one pirate jail cell Sound booth with the most advanced computerized controls for onboard music and shows Storage space for all our equipment needed to service over 240 passengers.This special show is called The Last Pirate Night.We perform it from Monday to Sunday by night.It is just for adults.We set sail from Playa Linda Pier, located at Cancun Hotelôs Zone, next to Teather Cancun.Over 3,000,000 people have enjoyed this show.Fish Filet stuffed of shrimp and cheese.We donôt perform in the Hotel, we donôt perform on Land, everything happens on board Pirate Galleon, where a bunch of crazy pirates provide an abundance of entertainment, fun and excellent service.Everything is ready to enjoy the funniest night of your vacation in Mexico, just make your reservation with your representative and when you join us, must be willing to die for fun.

How to get there

Board a bus should cost you $ 9.50 Mexican pesos in downtown Cancun, which take you to the Hotel Zone and ask the driver to drop you off at Blvd Kukulcan Km 4.5 Hotel Zone, Embarcadero Playa Linda. You can also go by taxi but from any point of the city to the landing fee of $ 120 Mexican pesos


Monday to Sunday:  6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Suggestions and Information

Our package includes special entertainment for adults, an impressive Pirate Show with acrobatic sword fights and special effects, and your choice of dinner. Our dinner selections are: Filet Mignon with Shrimps (Pirate Surf N’ Turf) brochette in blackcurrant sauce; Cordon-Blue chicken breast, stuffed with ham and cheese, bathed in non-spicy Poblana sauce; fish fillet, stuffed with shrimp and cheese; vegetarian ravioli or vegetarian lasagna. Everything is ready to enjoy the funniest night of your vacation in Cancun, just make your reservation right here and when you join us, must be willing to die for fun.We recommend to buy drugs for nausea and dizziness, bring camera and video on the boat because this memorial service is offered. Arrive early at 6:00 is a good time as well it ensures queuing and get a good place as no numbers assigned seats.


Three maneuvers and pangas to help in navigation and water activities. Eight kayaks.Ten Sports sliding boards in the waves. Two inflatable bananas accommodate eight passengers.Two hundred viewers in different sizes. Two hundred pairs of wings in different sizes.Two hundred snorkel tubes packed disposable, renewable every tour you.Two gorgeous fully equipped bars, with capacity for 450 passengers attention. Professional team of light, sound and special effects.Twenty five liter tanks with liquid extinguisher ABC.

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