The Painted Vault

A Mayan settlement comprising various structures located in present-day Campeche, Dzibilnocac lets you relive the the majesty of the Mayan Chenes people’s architecture and culture. The Mayan city covers 1.32 km2 where you’ll find buildings constructed during the Late Classic Period, including pyramids, platforms, domed buildings and rooms.

Dzibilnocac means “Painted Vault” or “Great Painted Turtle” In this site, the first evidence of human settlement are from between 500-50 BC, and continue to the height of the Mayan civilization during the Late Classic Period. The site was discovered in 1842, but the majority of the buildings are still unexplored. The only explored site open to the public is Building A, which contains rooms along the building’s length and width as well as three towers with temple engravings on top. The structure is known as the Temple-Palace and was built between 600-800 AD during the Late Classic Period. Comprising a platform approximately 76 m long and 30 m wide, it supports the three towers in Rio Bec style, vaulted rooms and the temple where the Land Monster is part of the decoration and masks of the Mayan god of rain, Chaac, are carved on the temple’s corners.


Open House

How to get there

Located 145 km east of the city of Campeche in Hopelchén


Monday to Sunday Lunes 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Suggestions and Information

Wear lightweight clothing and comfortable shoes so you can easily walk around and get to different areas of the site accessible on foot or bike. Climbing the pyramids is permitted. Bring insect repellent because there are a lot of mosquitoes due to the site’s location in dense vegetation. Bringing in outside food and drink is not permitted. Flash photography is not permitted. Check the weather beforehand to plan your visit for the best time. Don’t forget to respect the area you’re visiting and keep it clean.


Satellite phone, informational signage, parking, service unit, publication sales, restrooms, guard service.


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