MarganzoThe Campeche cuisine is without a doubt one of the most extense of the region as a result of the rich natural resources of the Mayan World; in Marganzo, we have achieved a comunication in harmony between the exotic prehispanic dishes and the refined International Cuisine, creating this as a result the Campeche Cuisine. A treasure tradition flavored.

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Marganzo is without a doubt the restaurant in the Walled City of Campeche with more international prestiege; fruit of it’s traditional Campeche Cuisine, it’s exquisit international food of fish and sea food, plus a marvelous ambiance full of magic music and it’s unforgetable location in the heart of the Historic Centre beside the Sea Door.In 1998, the reputation and quality of Marganzo exceeded boundaries and expectations by offering a gala banquet at the White House in Washington D.C.

Specialty of Restaurant

Regional Cuisine

Price range

MX$290 per person


We offer our own grand salon with a capacity of 250 people with all the ammenities and needs to have your event with us making it unique and unforgetable. The same way, our special service and catering can be taken to a designated place of your selection offering you the same quality that represents us.nWe cater:nnCoffee-BreaksnBreakfastsnMealsnDinnersnWeddingsnSweet Sixteenn

Category of Restaurant

4 stars



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