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You don’t have to be a rock star or celebrity to experience the mind-blowing performance of the world?s most amazing and luxury super cars. At Exotic Rides in Cancun Mexico, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of racing exotic cars on a Private Race Track or feel the astonishing acceleration on a Road Tour of the breath-taking Yucatan Peninsula.

Spice up your vacation and experience one of the most exciting attractions in Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Cancun. Choose from any of our Luxury Sport SuperCars from: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gullwing, Audi R8, Lotus Elise and others exotics.The beautiful Cancun Nichupte Lagoon & Ocean as its backdrop. Within Autodromo Cancun, Exotic Rides Mexico designed and built a 15000 sq. ft. building that encloses a multiple-use area, Lobby & Reception, Video-equiped classroom, Lounge, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, VIP Lounge for private functions and a souvenir shop. Adjacent to this building we crafted the Pits & Workshop area with enough space for 20 of our Exotic Rides Mexico Super Cars and 30 exciting and fast Go Karts.


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Exotic Rides Mexico is conveniently located only 5 minutes away from both the Cancun International Airport in one direction and Cancun Downtown in the other; and 10 minutes away from the Cancun Hotel Zone, making it very easy to arrive into our Cancun Private Race Track either in your car rental, a taxi and of course we can arrange van transportation for you. The transportation services from Cancun to the Exotic Rides Private Race Track and facilities is not included in the price of your Driving Experience. Please contact our Reservations Center to schedule it directly to ensure availability and pricing. We do offer Shuttle Service from our randez-vous point in Playa Del Carmen for all our Riviera Maya clients.


TRACK DAY EXPERIENCE For an exhilarating track experience at the challenging Cancun Racetrack (Cancun Motor Speedway). Choose the super car of your dreams, get trained by our professional pilots and then; starting at 5 Laps, take it to the max. in our private race track.Experience everything our private race track has to offer: exciting speedy turns, hit-the-gas straight lines and challenging corner spots; after dedicated training by our qualified pro racing drivers and a couple of recon laps on board our furious Camaro SS; you will grow great skills and start mastering the motor speedway on board of the fantasy ride of your choice. You’ll never want to stop the emotionIncludes:à? TheoreticalClasses ? 2 DiscoveryLapsonboard a Camaro SS ? 5 Lapsdrivingthe car of yourchoice ? ActivityInsurance ? Drivers Helment

HOT LAPSàEXPERIENCE Ride along our professional racing drivers on board our fine variety of luxury super cars — from a Ferrari 458 Italia to an Audi R8, from a Mercedes Benz SMS AMG to a Lamborghini Murcielago — you will feel the ultimate adrenaline and excitement while our pilot pushes our fast cars to the max during 3 Laps around our motor speedway. Great Driving Experience for couples, families traveling with children and even younger riders; as our underage sport car fans can ride along our qualified professional drivers and enjoy all the fun without any worries. Includes: 1. 3 Laps On board the car of your choice 2. Activity Insurance 3. Drivers Helment

DINE & RACE Experience at Exotic Rides Come to Exotic Rides and enjoy our unlimited Brazilian Steakhouse-style dinner plus a full speed ride-along Lap around our exciting race track in one of our Super Sports Cars. Dinner can be enjoyed inside our air-conditioned restaurant or al-fresco in the restaurant’s terrace right next to the race track. Cancun Riviera Maya Road ToursRoad Tours are the premium Driving Experience. Mix the most beautiful scenarios in Cancun and Chichen Itza Yucatan with the fastest super cars in the world; add instruction and safety briefings by professional drivers and our luxury personal service on a guided Road Tour, and you’ll have the experience of a lifetime! Great for everybody! Either for Solo Adventurers, Fun & Exciting Activities with Friends, Couples, Families and Corporate Groups! Thrill and excitement await you and your friends on board our hot exotic cars. Not sure you only want to drive the Ferrari F430 or the Lamborghini Gallardo? Still deciding between the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gullwings or the Audi R8? Not a problem, you’ll be able to switch cars with your friends during the Road Tour stops so you all can experience the incredible performance of these hot driving machines. Exotic Rides Mexico’s rolls out the red-carpet for you to take over the streets and highways of Cancun and the Yucatan on your Road Tour to Chichen Itza. Amazing views, great locations and VIP Treatment while you are the center of attention on the road on board the super car of your dreams. A nice and fresh lunch and a couple of non-alcoholoc drinks are included in the experience as well. Includes: Theoretical Classes,  Car Recognition (controls, dashboard, pedals, etc), Drive 2 Cars from Cancun to Tulum.  Activity Insurance

DRIFTING Experience As you’ve seen in the coolest action movies like Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift, our Drifting Experience is performed onboard our 426-hp Camaro SS. Ride along with one of our professional Drivers, drifting on each corner of the track, doing 180ú and 360ú spins. Get an impressive adrenaline rush and experience 180 and 360-degree turns, high-speed burnouts and reverse skidding on board our powerful Camaro SS. This is a great Ride Along Experience for everybody: couples, families traveling with kids and even younger riders without a driver’s license; as our underage speed loving fans can ride along our qualified professional drivers and enjoy all the adrenaline and emotion without any worries. Includes: 2 Laps On board the Camaro SS as a copilot,  ActivityInsurance,  Drivers HelmentGo KartsIf you want to experience true high-performance Go Karts Racing in the safe and controlled environment of a private race track in Cancun Mexico, then our powerful Exotic Go Karts at Cancun Autodromo are for you! This experience will allow our guests of all ages build teams and compete in a fun race in our professional Go Karts. We strive to offer novices and experts alike, an authentic racing experience that can satisfy the adrenaline needs of even the most demanding driver, plus we’re confident that you will not be disappointed with our high-performance 20hp karts. Capable of speeds approaching 45mph, our karts offer genuine thrills on our outdoor race track. There are a wide range of Go Kart Racing options at Exotic Rides Mexico to meet our customers needs. Exotic Karts Activities are ideal for: Birthday Parties, Adult B-Day Bashes, Bachelor Parties, Special Occasions, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, Groups, Corporate Events and Planning Team Building Exercises. Includes: 15 minutes driving a go kart around the track, Activity Insurance, Drivers Helment


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