Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery

Swim with Dolphins The Experience of Your Life!

Dolphin Discovery is the # 1 company of swimming with dolphins in the world. Dolphin has 14 tourist destinations of great importance, in the Mexican Caribbean: Cancun - Isla Mujeres, Cozumel (important cruise destination in the Mexican Caribbean), Costa Maya Mahahual, Dolphin Palace, Puerto Aventuras in the Riviera Maya Dolphin Dreams, Dolphin also in Punta Maroma Playa del Carmen. We have a dolphinarium in the amusement park Six Flags in Mexico City. In the Mexican Pacific Vallarta, within Aquaventuras Park water park and our beautiful location in Baja California Sur, Los Cabos. In the islands of the Caribbean Sea, there are three important dolphin: Tortola (great cruise destination), Grand Cayman, Anguilla-St. Maarten. Currently we are inaugurating our newest location in Akumal - Tulum.

Dolphin Discovery swim with dolphins programs are well known for having special and unique features.Swimming with dolphins is one of the 2 most attractive tours or activities for world travelers.


There are different ways to swim with dolphins:

Dolphin Royal Swim: The most fun and unique program , designed to exceed all your expectations. Feel the excitement of the foot -push , the dolphins will rise above the water surface to push the bottom of your feet . Another great activity is the dorsal tow , two dolphins will drive at full speed while you wrap their dorsal fins. Fun to the limit!Behaviors: Foot Push, Dorsal Swim , Wave , Kiss , Hand Target Clock Hug and Leisure .Dolphin Swim Program length : 70 minutes.

Dolphin Swim Adventure: Fast and exciting ride with the dolphin while you wrap their pectoral fins , in the magnificent belly-ride . You will have the opportunity to interact with the dolphins as you’d ever imagined. We also moved over the surface of the water while going on a table in the boogie -board and will greet you with a kiss and a handshake . Action and adventure!Behaviors : Belly ride , Boogie Board Push, Wave , Kiss , Hand Target, Leisure Time, HugDolphin Program length : 60 minutes.

Dolphin Encounter: This program is designed for all ages and have a great learning experience and coexistence knowing more about the wonderful dolphins interacting with them. The hand- target is very entertaining and the dolphin will jump into your hands. You will also receive a kiss and a hug unforgettable !Behaviors : Salute, Kiss , Hand Target, Hug and Leisure .Dolphin Program length : 50 minutes


Dolphin Discovery


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