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The preferred attraction of Dzilam de Bravo.

Bocas Dzilam is called a set of channels surrounded by mangroves, located approximately 20 km east of the port Dzilam Bravo, on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a state-protected nature reserve since the January 25, 1989 covering 62,000 hectares, of which 19,000 are marine and other land.

The walk through the mouths is a trip to the state nature reserve where you will see all kinds of wildlife and beautiful scenery. Also will know places like the spring-xbuya Elepeten has the cenote and lagoon.


The price is $ 85 per person (2 people going)The price is $ 75 per person (with 3 or 4 people going)

How to get there

To reach Dzilam Bravo starting from Merida, you should take the road to Motul and move up to the junction with Cansahcab, that will take the deviation to be Dzidzantun and continue until Dzilam Gonzalez, a few minutes later, you will find Dzilam Bravo.


Generally the time depends on the tour operator you decide to make the trip, or if you travel on your own, for the times when people prefer to visit is from 8:00 to 16:30 hrs.

Suggestions and Information

Bring a bathing suit, most of the activities here are water. We recommend this trip in your own car, then nearby you can visit the various archaeological sites like Xalau, Tamba, and Xcan Petul, found near here.


Depending on the tour operator with making the journey, some provide meals and transportation, but do not include gratuities for guide and operator. If you do so in your own vehicle services are only offered by the town of Dzilam, you should get a place to eat and park your vehicle to make the trip by boat to the mouth of Punta Arenas or Dzilam.

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Discover the beauty of the wetlandsA visit to Dzilam port means enjoying the beauty of the nature reserve. Don’t forget to bring insect repellant, drinking water, a hat and wear lightweight clothing so you can enjoy the beauty of its wetlands, beaches and immense biodiversity. Don’t skip a visit to the freshwater spring “ixbuya ha,” the cenote “hele peten” and the majestic “bocas de dzilam.”

More info

In recet years, Dzilam de Bravo has been defined as a village devoted to ecotourism. Here is where you’ll find Las Bocas de Dzilam, which is a natural attraction that brings a great many local and foreign tourists. These Bocas are inside the boundaries of the Dzilam Nature Reserve, a state-protected biodiversity area. Close by Dzilam de Bravo and within its municipality limits are various Mayan archeological sites, including Xalau, Tamba, Bolmay, Petul, Sotpol, Xuyap, Poxil, Xcoom, Pala, Xmaos and Xcan


Beach, Biosphere Reserve.


The port offers boat rides to visit the bocas, river and cenotes. Prices range from $750 pesos to $1200 and vary according to place and distance.

How to get there

From Merida: If traveling by car, take the Merida-Motul-Tizimin No. 176 highway to the Casahcab junction, then take the Cansahcab-Dzidzantun-Dzilam Bravo No. 178 highway. About 115 km. If traveling by bus, take the bus route Merida-Dzilam Bravo from the Noreste terminal on Calle 67 N 551 in the centro of Merida.From Progreso: By car, take the Progreso-Dzilam Bravo No. 27 coastal highway. About 83 km. By bus, take the coastal bus route Progreso-Dzilam Bravo from the bus stop in the centro on Calle 82.


Port is open 24 hrs. Bus schedule to Dzilam Bravo: Merida terminal 7:15 am to 6:30 pm. Progreso terminal: 7 am to 2 pm.

Suggestions and Information

Dzilam de Bravo wants to assure the safety of its inhabitants and visitors. As a tourist please remember: don’t go swimming right after eating or drinking alcoholic beverages. After 5 pm it’s prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages on the boardwalk and beach. These are not nude beaches. For beach bonfires get a permit from the city. Don’t park your vehicle too close to the shore because it could get stuck. Beach flags: green means it’s ok to swim, yellow means take precautions and red means swimming is prohibited. The Dia de la Marina is celebrated June 1. Don’t forget to respect the area you’re visiting and keep it clean.


Hotels, restaurants, tourist stops, boat rides and restrooms.

Nearby places

San Felipe, Rio Lagartos, Tizimin, Progreso, Izamal and Merida.




Dzilam de Bravo



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